Orchestral Residence 2014

In a joint effort to promote existing music programs in the Dominican Republic, FUNDACIÓN SINFONÍA and YOA, ORCHESTRA OF THE AMERICAS joined for the celebration of the 2014 ORCHESTAL RESIDENCE. During 17 days of intensive and transforming activities, both institutions provided International training to young Dominican musicians, to local professors, inspiring concerts for all audiences and public and private presentations about the value of investing in musical education.

This great event was celebrated from June 29 to July 14 in Hotel Barceló Capella in Juan Dolio with the participation of young musicians – ages from 15 to 30 – 45 Dominicans and 74 from 25 American countries, selected through auditions.  This inclusive and participative program allowed  young Dominicans from different music education systems, to be trained theoretically, technically and personally, regardless of their socioeconomic upbringing. The program included master classes, individual and sectional classes, full orchestra rehearsals, as well as corporal language and leadership classes imparted by YOA faculty professors belonging to  orchestras from all around the world and directed by renowned orchestra conductors,  Carlos Miguel Prieto and Rafael Payare.

The   ORCHESTAL RESIDENCE 2014, that offered full scholarships to all of its participants, had the full support of the  MINISTRY OF CULTURE  and the collaboration of foreign embassies, important economic groups and music lovers. 

During the residence the participants shared their experiences and acquired training with the music schools, bands and youth orchestra of the neighboring communities.

Chamber music concerts were celebrated in the residence site, in the Chapel of Club Hemingway, in Los Bajos de Boca Chica, in Najayo Junvenile Prison Facility and in the municipality of Padre las Casas.   Two open air concerts were celebrated in Centro León in the city of Santiago de los Caballeros and in Plaza Juan Barón in Santo Domingo’s Malecón, both with cellist Alisa Weilerstein as soloist.   The closing concert was celebrated in Teatro Nacional Eduardo Brito with violinist Robert McDuffie.  The grand orchestra, of 119 musicians,  was conducted by Maestros Rafael Payare and Carlos Miguel Prieto, respectively.

After their stay in Dominican Republic, YOA, ORCHESTRA OF THE AMERICAS continued its tour in Haití and Jamaica, which included six (6) Dominican musicians.